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Officer Replaces Kid’s Stolen Pokemon Cards With His Own Collection


While walking to a friend’s house, a nine-year-old Cleveland boy named Bryce had his prized collection of Pokémon cards stolen right out of his hands. His mother informed the police, and they recovered the collection from a kid in a nearby neighborhood. However, some of the cards were missing. That’s when Officer James Grotenrath saved the day by giving his own collection of Pokémon cards to Bryce—including a rare card that Bryce was particularly proud of:

“There’s only about 10 of these in the world and I have one of them,” Bryce explained.

Officer Grotenrath is only 26-years-old, so of course he had a Pokemon collection:

“I grew up with Pokémon,” Grotenrath said. “I loved Pokémon as a kid and I would be heartbroken too if my cards were taken from me.”

As for the rare card, Grotenrath notes:

“It’s a priceless item, but it’s better to see someone else smile, and in my book, like my partner says, it’s just happy to see a citizen smile instead of always frowning upon us and looking the other way.”

You can check out the full report on Fox 8 Cleveland.

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