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Enter The Mouth Of Madness With A New Cthulhu Variant Of The Classic Pandemic Board Game


Geeks like two things: Bacon, and Cthulhu. While science has yet to find a way to combine these two great tastes, geekdom has wasted zero time in combining them, individually, with other things.

Adding to a pile of Cthulhu-themed stuff that’s already threatening to topple over and level your neighborhood is Z-Man Games’ Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu. It’s a Lovecraftian variant of the popular Pandemic tabletop board game. Players take the role of a group of investigators looking to close a bunch of portals through which indescribable horrors might emerge.

We don’t have full details of how this new version of Pandemic will play, but Ungeek reports that there’ll be some kind of sanity mechanic added to the gameplay (because why wouldn’t there be?). Images have also revealed three of the seven investigator characters, which will include a Magician, Hunter and a Reporter. Three of the twelve Old Ones cards have also been revealed and include Shuddle M’Ell, Azathoth, and Cthulhu.

Z-Man Games is slated to reveal more details soon, along with a debut at GenCon this summer. Check out an additional pic below.


(via Geek & Sundry)


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