PETA Takes On Pokémon In a Parody Game

Pokémon released a new game this week and so did PETA. It doesn’t seem like those two things should be related, but they are now. The Pokémon is titled Black and White 2; the PETA game is called Pokémon Black and Blue. The animal rights group’s version is a parody of the actual game.

According to PETA,  Pokémon game play is similar to dog fighting. To be fair, more people than PETA say that; it’s not an uncommon point about the game. Even though you’re taught to treat your Pokémon well, but you’re ultimately pitting them against each other. The PETA version turns that on its head. From Geekosystem:

In PETA’s version of the game, which you can play here, you take control of liberated Pokémon, including Pikachu, Tepig, and Snivy. You battle demented trainers, rather than other Pokémon, some of which “faint,” others of which realize the error of their ways and release their captive Pokémon to your party. Each pocket monster has some of their signature attacks, then some PETA attacks, such as “group hug,” and “protest,” which seem to largely be debuffs.

Like a lot of topics they choose to advocate, I can see a grain of truth here. I can see where they’re coming from, but the execution completely loses me. In this particular case, turning the abuse around on humans doesn’t isn’t the best way to prove their point, and really: it’s just a game. It seems like they could spend their time and money in a more meaningful way.

(PETA via Geekosystem)


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