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Playstation 3 Network Details Divulged

While Sony has given out very few details on their PS3, they did give out some information on how their networking would be set up and what would be offered.

They say that it will support an online gaming service, tentatively called the PlayStation Network Platform (PSNP), as well as movie and music downloads. They also will allow users to communicate with each other through messaging, voice and video chat. The network will have the game developers host their own service as well as any other content they wish to put up their. This will give the developers total control over the experience.

Sony is taking this effort at metworking seriously, and hope that their model of allowing the developers to host their own service will drive more innovation, as long as those same developers are comfortable setting their entire system up. This is a different model than Microsoft followed. In Microsoft’s case, they own the service and allow developers to post to it. The one big advantage to that is that Microsoft basically controls the experience, which should make for a more consistent netowrk experience. But if the developer’s for PS3 can come up with something that has not been seen yet, that could be a real boon for Sony.


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