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Playstation 3 Price Revealed!

Playstation 3

Here is some news Microsoft is not going to like. PS3 is going to be sold for $300-$400.

Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer has confirmed that the PS3 will be sold at a loss in order to “populate the world with Sony’s favored high-definition DVD standard, known as Blu-ray.” They believe if millions of Blu-ray Playstations are purchased, movie studios will be forced to format their movies to comply. In other words, a war between Blu-ray and HD-DVD is on the horizon.

“Because the first standalone Blu-ray DVD players are expected to cost $1,000 or so, Sony is essentially giving a free next-generation DVD player to every PS3 customer.” And that, my friends, is a very enticing offer.

So, let’s look at the facts. Based on what we know, the PS3’s hardware is going to blow the 360 out of the water – not only in the DVD department, but in graphics and processing power as well. However, the XBox 360 is here today while the PS3 isn’t due until late 2006. All in all, Microsoft is going to gain some ground on Sony because they were first to market – but they had better line up some major titles like Halo 3 to coincide with the PS3 launch or they will get eaten alive.

In the long run, it is going to come down to the games. Historically Sony has the edge in that department – so Microsoft has their work cut out for them.

Update: 11/22/05 CNN is now stating that the statement about PS3 pricing “was erroneously attributed to Howard Stringer.” So who did make the comment? Did CNN just make it up – or are they covering up for something? At any rate, the original information as it appeared on the CNN article is above – check out the source link to view the new version along with the full correction notes.

Source: CNN

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