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Playstation 3 to Block Used Game Use?

Playstation 3 is reporting that rumors have flared across the internet regarding new technology embedded in PS3 games that would make them playable on only one console.

“Registered with Japan’s patent office, the concept would see each game disc individually encoded. Upon being played for the first time, the host hardware would store then delete from the disc the security codes required for registering the software with the console.”

In other words, sales of used video games and even video game rentals would be impossible given the PS3’s hardware restrictions.

While it is highly unlikely that Sony would actually implement such a feature, it has been reported that the major platform companies have joined forces against “region-locking, anti-piracy and used games issues impacting upon their businesses.”

We can only hope that this does not mean that the paranoia spreading throughout the music industry has made its way into the world of gaming.

Update: 11/17/05 – In an effort to clarify the situation, a member of Sony’s PR team, Jennie Kong released this statement: “I would like to clarify that [the PlayStation 3 locking out used game discs] is false speculation and that PlayStation 3 software will not be copy protected to a single machine but will be playable on any PlayStation 3 console.”

However, Sony did file a patent for technology that would allow them to copy protect their games – that much is still true. Whether they ever plan on using this technology is open for debate.

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