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Pokémon Go Gives Grieving Player A Tear-Jerking Surprise


It’s hard to deny the positivity that Pokémon Go has brought into the world over the last week. It’s brought people together, got them outdoors for a little exercise, and has even been shown to benefit mental health. This story, though, shows that there is occasionally an emotional component as well.

Supposedly, a (Dutch?) gamer recently visited the grave of his younger brother, who had been a huge Pokémon fan—Pikachu in particular. His grave even had a Pikachu-shaped headstone. Guess what was waiting there…

Roughly translated, the tweet says:

“There was a Pikachu at the grave of my little brother who loved Pikachu.”
(In Pokémon GO, Pikachu is rare and hard to find.)”

The original tweet is in quotations, so this is probably a case of one Twitter account regurgitating a tweet from another, but you can see from the Likes and Retweets that this story has tugged at the heartstrings of many a Twitter denizen.

I would like to think that the placement wasn’t intentional—that this moment was a beautiful, cosmic “coincidence”. But, either way, it’s truly touching.

And dammit, this had better not be some sort of hoax.

(via RocketNews 24)


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