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I Love This Power Glove-Controlled Drone. It’s So Bad. [Video]


The Power Glove – it’s one of those things that people in their 30s and 40s love to pretend was awesome when actually it’s… y’know, it’s a bit crap, isn’t it? Aesthetically it’s a fascinating bit of kit to look at, but in terms of actually, properly using to to play games it was bloody useless. Still, kudos to Nintendo for attempting to innovate.

Kudos also to engineersman Nolan Moore, who stripped out the core components of a Power Glove, fitted it with flex sensors, control boards and a wifi transmitter to create a glove that can be used to control a Parrot AR Drone with a literal flick of the wrist. Moore detailed his build process over on his blog. He also showed off his handiwork (arf) at the Bay Area Maker Faire in May, and you can check out a video of the Glove in action below.

(via The Verge)


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