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PS3 News: I Knew This Would Happen

Playstation 3A couple of weeks ago, Nerd Approved reported on a PS3 developer named Josh Robinson who wrote an extremely negative report on the current status of Sony’s next gen platform.

In essence, he felt that the XBox 360 was far and away the better console. He also made light of the problems Sony has been having with development.

During the course of the article I implied that the scathing comments Robinson made were more than enough to get him fired. Apparently Sony thought so too. Robinson confirmed that he was recently fired in an interview with PS3 Week.

Here are some highlights:

Robinson:”Let me first just say, all I really did was write a few paragraphs that gave my opinion on publicly released information. I never actually released any information. After reading my small article the reader is not any more informed about the PS3 than he was before the article.”

No technical information may have been released, but I completely disagree that readers are not more informed. Basically, we learned that Sony is putting out a lackluster product and their execution has been inept at best.

Robinsion was also asked whether or not his opinion has changed –

Robinson: “I definitely stand by the comments I made. I am also very anxious to see how the final system compares. I will be in line with all the other nerds waiting for this thing when it ships.”

Take a look at the original Nerd Approved article to see Robinson’s original comments.

Check out PS3 Week to read the latest interview.

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