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Real Cash from a Virtual World


‘Entropia Universe’ is the only game I know of that has a fixed exchange rate for it’s online money, the Project Entropia dollars or PED, to real world dollars.

They are now planning to take their exchange rate one step further and offer players the option of getting a card that would be able to dole out real world dollars from Versatel ATM machines. While other games, perhaps not particularly actively, discourage the sale of virtual goods, Entropia Universe has embraced it.

The idea of being able to withdraw real money for a virtual currency you collected online sounds appealing, but the use of real money in order to achieve something online does not appeal to me. So now, in addition to buying the game and monthly subscription, you may also need to pay for goods and services in this virtual world. Count me as not interested. If I wanted to pay bills using hard earned cash, I can do that every day. I don’t need to buy a game to do it.


Posted by Jeff


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