Retro Arcade Cabinets For Your Modern Technology

If you long for the days when you pumped quarters into a genuine faux-wood cabinet that housed your favorite video game, then here’s a product from Martijn Koch that you are going to want in your living room. These are updated versions of those vintage cabinets that look a bit more space age in bright yellow or silver and house 27-inch 1920 × 1200 LCD screens.

They’ve also got two Sanwa 8-way joysticks, arcade buttons, a 6cm Sanwa arcade trackball and a single analog joystick. In addition, they have Canton speakers and a stereo T-amp, but they don’t actually come with a computer. The folks that make them can take care of that problem by custom fitting it for a Raspberry Pi or Mac Mini at an additional cost.

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Check out more of Martijn Koch’s work here.

Product Page Yellow/Gray (€2,099/€2,499 or $2,815/$3,352 via technabob)


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