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Review: Dead Rising (XBox 360)

Dead Rising

Dead Rising is about killing zombies – lots and lots of zombies. It’s a simple, beautiful concept that XBox 360 owners have been excited about for quite some time. But now that the game has been released, does Dead Rising really deliver?


Gamespot: (8.4 out of 10) “While not everything Dead Rising takes a stab at works to its benefit, it’s still one of the more unique and enjoyable games on the Xbox 360. There aren’t many games that give you the level of pure, bizarre variety that this game does, and its splendidly brutal yet entirely silly brand of action is too much fun to ignore.”

Team XBox: (8.7 out of 10)Dead Rising may not be a game for everyone, but it for those that have enjoyed past Capcom games and zombie games of the past will definitely want to check this out as it’s completely dissimilar from anything you’ve seen before. The astounding level of variety that is packed into the game is wonderful to see.”

IGN: (8.3 out of 10)“Though Dead Rising may seem like a simple, mindless game when you first pick it up, it eventually reveals itself as a deeper experience. Tons of extras are packed into Willamette’s shops, there are magazine power-ups and special drink mixes to be brewed, lots of clothing combinations, countless pictures to be taken and plenty of NPCs to be saved. The game provides an incentive for every aspect, making each worth pursuing. It’s a game that somehow remains cohesive despite having so many seemingly unrelated elements. The save system means you’re going to be playing through the 72 Hour and Overtime modes multiple times, but at least along the way you’ll level up, get the best ending, nab more achievements, and get better scores on the Xbox Live leaderboards.”

Screenshots and Videos:

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Bottom Line:

Nerd ApprovedDead Rising is a fun game, pure and simple. There is tons of diverse and unique content – so re-playability is not an issue. The game also looks and feels great. I mean, what could be more satisfying than decimating a herd of zombies with a lawnmower?

Still, I would love to see future versions incorporate a multiplayer mode. If there was a strike against Dead Rising – that would be it.


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