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Review: EA Arena Football

EA Arena Football Screenshot

When I saw the commercials for this game I must say that I was intrigued to see how EA would approach the fast paced thrills of Arena football.

Well, the reviews are in…


Team XBox: (8.1 out of 10)”The huge expanse that is the time between the end of a football season (an end that is a painful one for the majority of fans) and the beginning of a new one can be a long road to travel. Once the Madden ship has sailed it should be comforting for football fans to know that they’ll have another football game coming their way after a few months. It may not be quite as fancy as its big brother, but Arena Football still does its job very nicely. It might be tough to pinpoint one single aspect of the game that shines above the rest, but it’s an overall functional package that will help the pain until the big show comes back in town next season.”

IGN: (8.3 out of 10) “Arena Football is a very impressive effort for a first-time franchise. On the field, the action is fast and furious, if you don’t mind playing with non-NFL players and teams with WNBA names like the Blaze and Soul. While the season mode is shallow, online play and solid multiplayer action will keep you bouncing off the walls for some time. Priced at a frugal $29.99, Arena Football is a fantastic way to cure those post-Super Bowl blues thanks to the numerous spectacular plays you will witness every game. This game is really, really fun.”

Gamespot: (6.9 out of 10) “EA Sports Arena Football isn’t an altogether bad game of football, but it also feels very much like a missed opportunity. Arena Football can be quite an exhilarating sport, but this interpretation of it isn’t that exciting. It gets some of the sport’s complexities down pat, but it lacks the intangible qualities that make Arena Football interesting–not to mention that it fails to present itself well and that there aren’t enough modes to keep you busy for very long. To its credit, Arena Football is only $30, and for some fans of the sport, simply being able to play as their favorite teams against their friends, both online and off, might be enough. But if you’re looking for more than a merely serviceable representation of what the AFL is all about, EA Sports Arena Football isn’t it.”


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Bottom Line: If you are a hardcore fan of Arena football, you may find some things lacking within the game, but overall, the game is an entertaining experience – and at $30 you really can’t go wrong with this one.

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