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Review: Fight Night Round 3

Fight Night Round 3

Fight Night Round 3 for the XBox 360 is one of the first titles to come out on the console that truly looks next-gen. But is the game more than meets the eye?


1UP: (8.8 out of 10) “It’s far more than just a really, really good-looking boxing game; it’s a little glimpse into the future, and a remarkably good yardstick for ongoing reference.”

Gamespy: (4.5 starts out of 5) “In closing, Fight Night Round 3 is one of the first absolutely must-own titles for Xbox 360. The controls have been greatly improved over last year’s game, with much-abused control schemes getting reined in a bit. The visuals are undoubtedly among the most impressive on the system at this point, as the tech demos from last year whetted millions of gamers’ collective appetite for this title, boxing fans or not.”

IGN: (8.5 out of 10) “Fight Night Round 3 is a great sports title, but negligible improvements in the career mode and idiotic computer AI hold the game back from true greatness. Removing the HUD, in combination with visible emotion, creates a more instinctive boxing experience, especially when moving in for the knockout. There are some strange choices in the presentation department, like the lack of rankings, but the outstanding graphics and sound effects create a great in-game experience, which is what counts.”


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Bottom Line: There was a lot of hype surrounding this game as being the first title to crack the surface of what the 360 could really do. The reviews indicate that the folks at EA did not disappoint…this time.

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