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Review: Full Auto

Full Auto Screenshot 

Some have positioned “Full Auto” as a killer app for the 360 – but is it just another Burnout clone?


1UP: (7.7 out of 10)  “Although Full Auto may not reinvent the extreme-racing genre, it does a spectacular job of raising the bar. At first glance, it may appear to be a considerably slower Burnout clone, but upon further inspection, the game is an entirely different beast, breathing new life to a genre that is growing ever stagnant. Despite a few glitches and the occasional framerate problems, Full Auto is simply a blast to play (pun intended).”

Gamespot: (6.5 out of 10) “Overall, Full Auto doesn’t have enough variety to remain entertaining for very long. You might want to rent it and mess around with it for a few days, but the career mode gets repetitive well before it ends and the online doesn’t bring much to the overall package. The game just has a one-dimensional feel that it never seems to shake, regardless of how many times you try to rewind time and fix it.”

IGN: (7.1 out of 10) “If you have a passion for vehicle combat and don’t care about sophisticated driving mechanics or track design, Full Auto can be an enjoyable experience. For those looking for a game with more substance and lasting value, save your dollars.”

EuroGamer: (6 out of 10) “It needed to kick your arse more, and give you something mechanical to lure you back, not just canned explosions. You’ll enjoy playing it, but you’re not actually being entertained, just mollified if ever you put a foot wrong, and I’m a big enough boy to want to learn from mistakes rather than have my plate reform on the desk in front of me with a fresh toasty or have the snack glued into my hand. If my foot wasn’t bleeding and I wasn’t still hungry, I wouldn’t know to be more careful with my 6am feeding; Full Auto doesn’t seem to understand that, and therein lies the problem.”


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Bottom Line: While we can’t approve Full Auto as a buy – we can recommend it as a rental. Many have complained of slow frame rates, lack of variety, sluggish gameplay etc – but if you are into mindless destruction you may find it entertaining for a little while at least.

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