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Review: Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller

Chainsaw Controller for PS2

Looking for a unique gift for the gamer who has everything? Well, if “everything” includes a Playstation 2 and a copy of Resident Evil 4 you may be in business.

Behold – the chainsaw controller (Available for PS2 and Gamecube).


IGN: “To say that the chainsaw controller is not as comfortable or as usable as a standard Dual Shock is a relatively pointless statement. Obviously, the RE4 chainsaw is much more a collector’s item than utilitarian peripheral. The fact that it still functions pretty well as a controller while being a completely awesome show-piece is what makes it very cool indeed. Fans of the Resident Evil series will no doubt appreciate both aspects of the chainsaw’s design, and are thoroughly encouraged to add the unit to their collections.”

Console Gameworld: “The good people at Nubytech have outdone themselves in designing what I consider a true work of art. Along with the beautifully crafted controller, you also get a neat display case that has a compartment for storing the detachable cord. However, the annoying button placement and the chunky retail price ($49.99) makes me suggest this controller to diehard Resident Evil fans only.”

Gamespot: “All told, Nuby Tech’s Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller is a unique peripheral that succeeds more as a showpiece than an actual controller. The peripheral’s look is complemented by impressive packaging and a handy display that’s tailor-made for being shown off. When it comes to its performance as a controller, the unit falls short of matching the functionality and comfort of the standard GameCube controller or the Cube’s Wavebird controller. If you’re looking for a wicked piece of memorabilia to show off to friends, you should definitely pick this up. However, if you’re looking for a comfortable controller, you should just stick to the standard GameCube pad or pick up a Wavebird.”

Product Information:

Features: Limited edition – individually numbered, unique blood splatter on every controller, elaborate display case, N-Motion technology ( tilting the chainsaw up and down performs the same function as holding R1, brining Leon into a firing stance.), pullcord with realistic chainsaw sounds.

Differences between Gamecube and PS2 versions: The Gamecube version lacks N-Motion and pullcord mentioned above.

Bottom Line: If you are a die hard RE 4 fan – and you have about $50 to burn, the Chainsaw controller is definitely a good time. However, bear in mind that the controller is essentially a functional showpiece / collectors item.

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