Two Sailor Moon Crystal Board Games Are Coming In 2017

Canadian tabletop game company Dyskami Publishing Company has partnered with Toei Animation Inc. for an official line of games based on Sailor Moon Crystal. Two games have been announced so far, with additional titles coming in 2018.

Dyskami will first release Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge in late summer 2017, created by renowned designer, James Ernest of Cheapass Games, based on his Origins Award-winning Button Men game. Dice Challenge is an energetic dice battle game that’s quick to play, easy to teach, and highly portable for playing at anime/gaming conventions.

Sailor Moon Crystal Truth or Bluff is described as a “tile-passing-and-bluffing game”. It will be out sometime in the fall.

Again, these games are only the first two in a series that will expand in 2018, so we’re looking forward to seeing what other tabletop gaming styles they plan on giving the Sailor Moon treatment.

(Dyskami via Nerdist)


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