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Single Player is Dead

With connection speeds allowing 64 people to play online at one time, it makes me ask the question, Why do game companies continue to focus on Single player over Coop?

The standard FPS out now comes with two play options, the infamous online (TDM, CTF, etc…) and a single player mode. Why? The majority of people I talk with would rather see a good co-op game than a good single player game. Such is the case with the last Splinter Cell installment where the only coop complaint was that the story was too short. I emplore the developers out there to bring us more co-op and less scripted single player encounters.

For example, Operation Flashpoint – a game released a couple years back, was one of the best military sims I have ever played. At the time the graphics were stellar and the levels were larger than anything we had seen to date. Not to mention almost every vehicle was driveable including tractors on the farm. The game suffered from a lot of problems but excelled in one area in particular – it had one of the best coop’s I have ever played. And the best part was the fact that the community was creating coop missions for everyone to play, which of course had me and my buddies busy all the time. To this day I still tell people about some of the awesome coop missions me and my buds worked our butts through.

So why is it so hard for game developers to realize that people like to work together? I mean, look at all the guilds out there – isn’t that proof enough? Online TDM or CTF allows for team play but not in true co-op style. I mean how much cooler is it when you and your four friends can sneak up behind enemy lines while your sniper buddy takes out that guy about to round the corner on your squad? Moments like that bring your heart into your chest knowing if the sniper were to miss that troop would alert his buddies and then you are screwed. The thrill of co-op is developing a strategy and taking on the enemy as a team.

I don’t have a problem with single player games – I enjoy them too, but if video game developers are gonna screw us out of any game types I would prefer to see Single Player go before Coop.

The truth is that single player games are dying – the game companies just haven’t figured it out yet.

Posted by Paul


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