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Sony Blu Ray Delayed, PS3 Affected?

Sony has changed the shipping date for their Blu Ray player with no real fanfare (of course). Their website now lists it as shipping “on or about August 15, 2006”. Little different tune when they said it would ship at the same time as the launch of the media, currently scheduled for June 25.

Now the real question out of all of this is if this delay is going to affect the PS3. You remember the PS3, the game console that Sony insists is more of a computer than a game console. The thing that has been delayed so often, they may have to claim Microsoft is launching it. It is getting pretty ridiculous now. Between the price, the delays and the uncertainty of whether the Blu Ray will be the winner in the HD race makes the whole thing a crapshoot about now. I initially thought that the Blu Ray would be a nice selling feature for their console, but at this point it is almost becoming more of an albatross than a selling point.


Posted by Jeff


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