Step Up Your Dungeons & Dragons Game With A Wood DM Screen And Dice Tower

wood dm screen

When you’re running a game of Dungeons and Dragons, you have to keep your evil plan safe (I always assume DMs have an evil plan). Wizards of the Coast makes thick paper screens for DMs to hide their dice rolls and notes behind, and though they work fine, they don’t last forever. Imgur user earliodookie leveled up by making a sturdier and more attractive screen from wood. His construction features the D&D logo and has a dice tower. He made it from a single piece of plywood and some basic power tools. I think he could make piles of gold if he opened up an Etsy store for these beauties.

See a few work in progress pictures and see the back side of the screen after the break.

wood dm screen 2

wood dm screen 3

wood dm screen 4

wood dm screen 5

wood dm screen 6

(via Dungeons & Dragons)


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