Steve Jackson Games Debuts Munchkin The Guild! Booster [PAX]

One of the best parts of PAX East is seeing stuff that isn’t quite out for the general public. Usually it’s a demo of a hot new game or product, but sometimes, if you’re really lucky, that product is actually available for sale. If you’re a fan of the webseries The Guild, and you like Munchkin then this early release will make you very happy. I may have trampled a cosplayer or two in my efforts to grab a few booster packs and did a little dance that I’m really hoping no one caught on video.

The new Munchkin The Guild! booster includes 15 cards with Codex, Vork, Clara, Tink and Bladezz as well as a few of their enemies and features artwork by Len Peralta who you may know from the Geek A Week trading cards. This was originally due for an April release, but production delays have pushed it back to sometime in May. Want to see all the cards right now? Of course you do. +1 Early Release’d

See all the cards after the jump!

Product Page ($5.99)


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