3D Printed Stormtrooper Helmets Turn A Foosball Table Into An Imperial Battle


Youmagine designer “excite” found his lack of a Star Wars Foosball table disturbing. Instead of a potentially troublesome task of 3D printing Stormtrooper bodies and dismantling the entire table, he simplified things and created helmets for each Foosball man. Building upon a project by Christopher Zuk on Thingiverse, excite printed black and red helmets and colored in the mask detail with a black sharpie.

And now Lord Vader has another enticing recruitment tagline: “Come to the dark side, we have Foosball.”

Check out the 3D model and more images of this Star Wars-inspired foosball table after the break.




To make your own, check out the free to download files here. Just keep in mind that the snap-on helmets do affect the balance of the soldiers, so serious Foosball players should take note.

(via 3D Print)


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