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The Story Mode In ‘Street Fighter V’ Is So Easy Even A Baby Can Beat It [Video]


Oh, Capcom. Oh, Street Fighter. Anyone else remember when these games were challenging? Yes, arguably the biggest challenge comes from destroying an actual, flesh-and-bone opponent and getting to yell “Booyakasha” in their proper face, but longtime die-hard fans of the series still care deeply about the narrative in these games. I’ve not followed the story arc spread out across the seventeen-or-so core games in the series, but presumably there’s some manner of fighting that occurs on the streets!

So it’s disappointing to learn that not only is the story mode in Street Fighter V brief – reduced to three single-round fights – but that it’s so preposterously easy that a six-month old baby could finish it. Not convinced? Then check out this video of YouTube user Papapaint demonstrating his exceptionally talented baby cracking through the solo mode by, erm, button mashing. BEHOLD his might in the video below.

Some critics have stated that the button presses don’t match up with the attacks on-screen, though it should be noted many attacks don’t complete until the buttons are released, not pressed. Others have suggested that the main draw for fighting games is the multiplayer, so it doesn’t matter how brief or easy the single-player mode is. To which I say, y’know, Street Fighter V is a $60 game, or $90 if you throw in the cost of the 2016 season pass. Maybe, just maybe, it should have a more robust single-player experience than a free-to-play game.

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