Stunning Doctor Who Chess Set

Sadly, this beautiful Doctor Who chess set is a one-off custom job by DeviantARTist EldalinSkywalker, so we will have to make due with this official lentiular animated version. If you’re really interested though, I’m sure she would accept a commission.

The “good” and “evil” sides are broken down after the break.

Evil side:

King: The Master
Queen: Lady Cassandra
Bishops: Cybermen
Knights: Judoon & Sontaran
Rooks: Weeping Angels
Pawns: Daleks

Good side:

King: The Doctor (Ten)
Queen: Professor River Song
Bishops: Ood
Knights: Captain Jack Harkness & The Face of Boe
Rooks: Tardises
Pawns: Baby Adipose

(via EpicPonyz)


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