Note: When readers choose to buy the awesome products featured here, we might earn affiliate commissions that support our work. Prize Pack Review: Atari Keychain and Barcode Doormat

The Atari keychain and the Barcode Doormat represent parts 4 and 5 of a six part review series focused on prizes you can win in our Nerdy Mega Prize Pack giveaway from But let’s start with a quick look at the Atari keychain.

First off, we tested the Pong paddle version of the Atari keychain with Pong, Break-Out and Warlords built-in (there is also a classic joystick featuring Asteroids and Millipede). As you can see in the images above, the games worked when the keychain was plugged into the TV—quite well in fact. Plus, the paddle really felt and controlled like a small version of the Atari paddle that I remember.

However, the fact that you have to plug the keychain into a bulky AAA battery unit that, in turn, goes out to the TV makes carrying this thing around for casual retro gaming impractical (not to mention the fact that the size of the paddle itself would make it uncomfortable to stuff into pants that aren’t baggy as hell). Of course, it’s a necessary evil since you need to power your games somehow, and watch batteries wouldn’t be able to do the job.

Overall though it’s a good time if you are a fan of retro gaming, and the paddle makes for a slightly more authentic experience.

As for the barcode doormat…well, it’s a doormat….with a barcode on it. The quality of the mat is actually pretty high, so for wiping feet this will do as good a job as any mat out there. Only those other mats probably have some saccharin “welcome” message with flowers and whatnot. This mat makes a statement about our consumer-driven society, technology and the fear that we will all be herded up on day and branded for government programs.

The Barcode Doormat retails for $28 and the Atari joystick keychain retails for $16.50, but you can score them for free just by entering our Nerdy Prize Pack contest. The last day to enter is Monday, May 3rd, so don’t hesitate.

And make sure to check out for more awesomely stupid stuff.


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