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Stylish Donkey Kong Shelving Unit

Take a moment to look at this shelf – maybe more than a moment. It’s subtle and yet geeky as hell. This Donkey Kong shelf design by Igor Chak is the epitome of classy nerdy decorating done right.

Chak was thinking about the steel beams featured in the retro game and also thinking about Mario (as in Super Mario Bros.) and what sort of shelves he would have. He realized the beams from Donkey Kong would make for perfect wall fixtures that a plumber like Mario would love. From Chak’s blog:

So here is a Donkey Kong wall, strong, good looking but still has its character. The wall is made out of individual sections; each section is made out of durable but light carbon fiber, anodized aluminum pixels that are joined with strong stainless steel rods and toughened glass tops. The special mounts themselves are made out of steel and can support up to 60lbs.

It definitely has character!

See more pictures of this way cool shelving unit after the break (and how it might work in a room along with his Space Invaders couch).

(MahliBombing via Laughing Squid)


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