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Gamer Keeps Super NES Turned On For Over 20 Years To Save His Data


The Super Famicom console (a.k.a. Super NES in the U.S.) was released in Japan in the ’90s. Like many consoles of that era, if the battery in the cartridge died so did all of your saved game data. But Twitter user @UMIHARAKawase refused to let that get in the way. He claims that his console has been turned on to keep his game live for the last 20 years!

This is dedication.

The game that lives on is Umihara Kawase, a platform game where a school girl protagonist battles underwater creatures. He notes:

“Incidentally, I’m pretty sure my first generation Umihara Kawase, which has been on in the SNES for over 20 years, has been in operation for over 180,000 hours. If the power is tuned off, I’ll lose all my replay data. Probably.”

Actually, the console was unplugged briefly during a house move, but he managed to get it set up again before the battery died. So, technically it’s been 20 years minus a few hours. Still…

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(via Rocket News 24)


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