Super Teeny Dioramas From Zelda, Super Mario, And Pokémon [Video]


NicoNico user “A” has an incredible amount of patience. The builder took the word “miniature” to the extreme by making small dioramas of Pokémon Red’s Pallet Town, Super Mario 64’s Bob-omb Battefield, and Legend of Zelda’s Hyrule. How small you ask? They fit on a coin the size of a quarter. Seriously. I can’t imagine the precision required to make these dioramas look so great.

See more photos and a video of the Hyrule diorama after the break.

Pallet Town

dioramas 3

Bob-omb Battlefield

dioramas 4

dioramas 5

dioramas 6

dioramas 7

dioramas 8


(Inside Games via Kotaku, gif via Kotaku)


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