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A Tabletop Adaptation Of ‘Bloodborne’ Is Coming

bloodborne tabletop

Have you played Bloodborne? I haven’t, though in fairness that’s because I got black-out drunk and woke up having bought an Xbox One and gotten the Windows 10 logo tattooed in my tramp-stamp zone, but I’m told it’s pretty popular. It’s also got nothing to do with the BloodRayne series, which is surprising, though not as surprising as the discovery that the games industry is really, really bad at coming up with distinctive, original names for their games. Honestly, it shook me to my very core.

But hey, people like Bloodborne. Certainly they like it enough that game designer Eric Lang has announced a tabletop card game adaptation of the title that’s officially licensed by Cool Mini or Not Games.

Lang’s tabletop credentials are solid – he’s made games based on Game of ThronesXCOM, and has a Godfather tabletop game in the works. He’s also gotten to play in Games Workshop’s immensely popular Warhammer sandbox, so lucky him. He’s of a particular pedigree, so we expect Bloodborne will probably be good. Unless it isn’t, in which case I called it here first and I am, in fact, a tabletop prophet god king.

Keep your eye on the Cool Mini Or Not website for a formal announcement.

(via Polygon)


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