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This Tesla Vs. Edison Fighting Game Is Genuinely Shocking [Video]


A few weeks ago we shared some wonderful pixel art that imagined how some of the world’s greatest minds might look if they were characters in a fighting game. Turns out this is one of those cases of “great minds think alike,” because the Dayton, Ohio based art collective Real Art had the same idea. Except they took it one step further and built a real arcade cabinet.

That’s not even the best part, though.

war of currents

Real Art’s machine, called War of Currents, uses digitized Mortal Kombat style graphics rather than hand-drawn pixel art, and it only features two fighters – Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison. The characters feature appropriately-themed electric powers, and when you charge up and use your character’s super-move it actually, properly shocks the other player with proper, actual electricity. The cabinet features a custom-built conductive joystick, perhaps not too dissimilar from the sort seen on those endurance-test electrocution machines you’d find at fairgrounds.

War of Currents was built by Real Art for the Dayton-based Proto BuildBar, which is described by their website as “part 3D printing lab, part electronic maker space, and part café.” It was unveiled at this year’s SXSW, and was also nominated for a SXSW Innovation Award, presumably because the idea of actually electrocuting a player hadn’t occurred to anyone else yet.

Would you play an arcade game that could actually shock you if you were on the receiving end of a special attack? I probably wouldn’t, but in fairness I’m a massive, massive wimp.

(via Laughing Squid)


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