The Awesome LEGO Portal 2 Project That We Wish Would Happen

We’ve seen some fantastic Lego Cuusoo projects up for consideration, but this Portal Lego set won’t be one of them as it was rejected before it even had a chance to gain the public’s support.

Sadly CUUSOO considers Portal an innappropriate license for unspecified reasons, and although we tried numerous forms of contact we were unable to appeal this decision. We didn’t know this until we tried to submit the project, so we’re left with a polished piece of work even though it’s not possible to get supporters for it.

The project is the brainchild of  Team Jigsaw, a group of teens who originally got together as a MOCathalon team and had so much fun that they decided to try and bring this Portal 2 Lego set to life. They spent a month working on the prototype and one team member even created a new Lego piece that could work as a Portal 2 turret and an Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device. If this is what these guys come up with in their spare time as teenagers, can you just imagine what they’ll be thinking up in a few more years?

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(via superpunch)


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