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The Best Video Game Ever

I'm Ok ScreenshotBack in October of 2005, Florida lawyer/ anti-violent game activist / moron, Jack Thompson did something totally unexpected – he proposed the scenario for a violent videogame and offered to donate $10,000 to charity if someone produced and distributed it for sale.

To read Thompson’s proposal for the game click here.

Many have tried, but none have come up with a truly well crafted game – until now.

A “company” calling itself “Thompsonsoft” is, in their words, “formed around the singular idea that Jack Thompson is the most brilliant game designer in the universe. After reading “A Modest Video Game Proposal”, we formed this company to create any game that Jack Thompson designed. Our first title, “I’m OK”, is based on Jack’s masterful design from “A Modest Video Game Proposal” and it’s a murder simulator so cruel, so bloodthirsty, so horrifyingly violent that it makes Grand Theft Auto seem like Sunday Funday.”


Thompson won’t be coughing up the $10,000 anytime soon however. He claims that the game does not meet the requirements outlined in the proposal.

Seriously though, check it out – it’s definitely fun.

Click here to download the game “I’m Ok.”
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