The BioShock Infinite Songbird In All Its LEGO Glory

bioshock lego songbird 1

Songbird isn’t your everyday sort of bird. The 60 foot winged creature is Elizabeth’s guardian in BioShock Infinite and is intertwined in the story. It’s something to be scared of in game, but in Lego form it’s easier to face. Seeing it in bricks doesn’t make it any less impressive though – I’m just not worried about it pecking out my eyes.

Builder Imagine Rigney constructed the custom Songbird in just six days! The Columbia set featured in the picture will be expanded on, and the finished project will be shown off at Brickworld Chicago 2013.

Check out more images of this beauty after the break.

bioshock lego songbird 2

bioshock lego songbird 3

bioshock lego songbird 4

bioshock lego songbird 5

(Imagine Rigney via Geekologie)


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