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The NES Reincarnated

Generation NEX

NEX Controller

If you are into retro gaming, today is your lucky day.

IGN is reporting that “Messiah has released their Generation NEX console, a NES/Famicom re-release dressed up with some of the technological niceties our great society has developed over the past 20 years. For everyone that still has a few boxes of NES (or Famicom) carts tucked away in a closet, the Generation NEX is all the reason you should need to break them out and start playing the old classics again.”

Far from being a simple Nintendo remake, the Generation NEX features some 21st century technology, including support for 2.4 GHz wireless controllers and dual-mono sound. The device is also looking pretty slim at 1.5 inches tall.

IGN writes: “Though there have been some rather weak attempts to remake the NES/Famicom prior to the NEX, Messiah really put some work into the production to make the NEX feel deserving of the love its users no doubt feel for the original. The device itself is small, cute, and very reminiscent of its forefathers with a front-loading NES cartridge slot and a top loading Famicom slot. The controller jacks are the same as the original NES, meaning you are welcome to use your original controllers if you still have some. Even the packaging is attractive, and the Generation NEX kit includes a cartridge-shaped manual in a slip case, packed with instructions written and illustrated in action-comic-book style and a mini rarity guide developed by Digital Press. Messiah knows who the market for the NEX is, and they certainly aim to impress.”

So, if you still have some NES cartriges lying around and around $60 to spend, take a look at the Generation NEX – and play the games the way they were intended to be played.

The NEX will be available in retail stores soon. Presently, the console can be ordered direct from Messiah.

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