These Dungeons & Dragons Maps Are Beautiful

map_0503lostcaverns (1)

Maps are a weakness of mine – especially when they’re packed with cartoons and adventure. Artist Jason Thompson has drawn freaking gorgeous ones for classic Dungeons & Dragons adventures. Each map takes you through the adventure with numbered steps. Though the text is helpful and entertaining, I found myself barely paying any attention to it because the illustrations are so fabulous. They are packed with fun details so you really have to take your time and look at every room. You can even download giant versions of each map with or without paths. Forget actually playing the game, I could spend an evening just looking at each of the maps Thompson has drone.

Check out more lovely maps after the break. Be sure to click all the pictures to embiggen.

map_a1walkthrough (1)



More maps at the Wizards of the Coast link below.

(Wizard via Makezine)


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