This Clever Xbox One Troll Uses His Gamertag To Cause Mayhem [Video]

xbone copy

It sure hasn’t taken very long for trollers to figure out how to mess with Xbox One’s voice commands. Master of Luck figured out a simple way to torment unsuspecting COD players by writing his gamer tag as “Xbox One Sign Out.” You can check out all the shenanigans (NSFW language) after the break…

Clever stuff? Eh… let’s just say this: If a velociraptor from Jurassic Park tried to do this, I wouldn’t say, “Clever girl.” I would say, “Good for you for figuring out how to use an Xbox even though you don’t have thumbs, but I would strongly recommend that you do something more productive with your time. Like learn how to crotchet or… AH! STOP BITING ME!”

(via Cheezburger)


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