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This Custom-Made Castlevania Board Game Is Seriously Impressive

3D castlevania board

When we last heard from Redditor XsimonbelmontX, he had spent months constructing a custom Fallout Monopoly game for his wife. He received so much positive feedback that he was inspired to create a board game take on Castlevania, and it’s just as amazing as his last custom build.

He included 11 unique characters, and each character has an upgrade deck of 10-15 abilities. Those abilities are randomly unlocked each time the character levels up. The story of the game follows Simon’s Quest, and it’s obvious he put a lot of work into figuring out the design and gameplay.

Read more about the game and see a gallery of photos after the break.

From XsimonbelmontX:

I just finished this yesterday, and we playtested it last night for the first time. It is mostly a co-op game, I included 11 characters, all with their own weapons and abilities, so everyone selects a character, and they start out with one relatively weak primary weapon, and one subweapon. Each character is completely unique, and functions differently from the others. Charlotte for example has fairly weak physical attacks, the majority of her attacks are based around magic, so she automatically gains 2 hearts per turn. Soma of course can absorb souls from not all, but about 30-40 of the monsters in the game, so he starts out with only one weapon, but can quickly end up with a huge arsenal. You start at the beginning of the first level, the board layout is based on the original Castlevania, but the gameplay and plot in this is more in the Metroidvania fight your way through the castle collecting gear and leveling up format. I’m still adding to it, but currently there are roughly 100 different monsters in the game, and also over 100 items, including armor, one-use weapons, and various healing items. Each character has his/her own upgrade deck of 10-15 abilities, which are shuffled and unlocked at random each time that player levels up by gaining a certain number of monster kills or succeeding in various events.

The premise basically follows Simon’s Quest, but includes characters from throughout the series. Dracula has been killed, but all of the players are cursed and slowly dying. Every time a player is killed or if a card is drawn that passes time, there is a curse counter that advances. In order to win, everyone has to work together to fight their way through the first 5 levels, fight each level’s boss to collect the 5 parts of Dracula’s body, then all 5 parts need to be brought to the tower to resurrect Dracula and break the curse, and then proceed to kill him again. There are about 30 different bosses in all, and I’m planning to add more over time, and the 5 used in each game are selected at random and kept face-down until someone reaches the end of the stage. This way you have no idea what you’re in for until you get there, because all bosses have different strengths and weaknesses, and some are much more powerful than others, and there is no retreating from a boss fight, so it is a good idea to go in together and try to level up a few times first. Dracula can also take several forms, and his form for each game is selected at random and kept hidden as well. After he is defeated, he has a chance to resurrect, requiring the players to fight him all over again, possibly in a much stronger form. The players win when Dracula is killed and cannot resurrect, and lose if the curse counter reaches the end, or when everyone is killed.

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