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This Dice Set Lights Up When You Roll A Critical Hit


ThinkGeek has expanded on their LED Critical Hit D20 to include a D12 and and a D10 in a single set. All three dice will flash red when you roll their highest number:

Each set comes with a d10, d12, and d20, which all flash red when their highest number is rolled. Now, we’ve done everything in our powers to ensure these dice are weighted as evenly as possible considering the electronics inside. We did this because we’re gamers and we really wanted to use them ourselves and cheating sucks.

We offer you a word of warning: the Critical Hit LED Dice Set could be detrimental to your roleplaying existence. Not only will it make everyone want to use your dice, but it also might make you more popular in your gaming group. Also, it’s not always desirable for every type of roll to have the highest number. For those instances, we apologize in advance for your Critical Hit LED Dice Set mocking you by flashing.

Indeed, the last thing I need is to be mocked by dice. Should that happen, I believe some serious dice shaming would be in order.

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