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This Pokémon Fan Game Has Been In The Works for Three Years

legends of the arena

Pokémon fans have been busy creating their own unofficial games with Pokémon characters. We just saw Pokémon Insurgence last month, and a new game developed by “Wackyturtle” is ready to play. Legends of the Arena focuses on a tournament with Pokémon Colosseum-style battles. You take a personality test to determine which Pokémon you’ll start with, and it will be one eight different Eevee evolutions.

It’s explained on Imgur:

The game begins with a prologue set five years in the past. You control a mysterious character called Bryce, whose battle against the legendary Dragon Master Aemon will have unforeseen consequences…

You then assume the role of the protagonist. The game revolves around a long-running, prestigious tournament which you and your brother decide to enter. There are eight rounds in the tournament, and each Pokémon Colosseum-style battle is equivalent to a gym battle.

It wouldn’t be a Pokémon game without an evil team. The Cult of Shadow has been dormant for years, but lately they’ve come out of hiding to manipulate the tournament for their own ends. They are the only trainers in the game to use the illegal Ghost-type Pokémon.

See more screen caps from Legends of the Arena in the gallery after the break.

There are plenty of different environments and world-building aspects, too. You can read more about the project and get a demo link at Reddit.

(via Kotaku)


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