Thought You Couldn’t Break a TV With Kinect? Think Again

We certainly saw our fair share of broken TVs when the Wii came out, but the Wii has a controller. You would have thought the problem would have been all but eliminated with the Microsoft Kinect. Well, you would have thought wrong—and here is the proof.

Blogger Phil Villarreal explains:

A public service announcement: Do not under any circumstances play Kinect Sports Volleyball at 1:30 a.m. while standing under a ceiling fan with a dangling chain for a light switch. You could conceivably spike it into your year-old amazing TV, causing it to die with a rainbow LCD teardrop dripping down from the impact wound.

Plus you’ll lose the match by forfeit.

Phil, you are a true champion. Let’s see how long it takes before someone tops him by breaking the TV with their own body.

(BITYS via The Consumerist)


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