Throw A Stretching Roll: Dungeons And Dragons Yoga Exists [Video]

D&D Yoga

Ready to relax your muscles and roll some dice at the same time? Because you can with Dungeons and Dragons-inspired yoga. Artist Scott Wayne Indiana came up with the twist on the laidback exercise and he acts as yoga instructor and Dungeon Master. He tells a story and has created D&D related poses such as “Sword One” and “Dice Rolling.” Participants have a D20 right by their yoga mats and everything.

I’m intrigued by the concept, but I can’t lie, this strikes me as weird. All the people performing the yoga moves are essentially one player in a game – “a roguish rugged individual who has run afoul of the local law. You are given the opportunity to be absolved of your crimes. Your task at hand is to take this package to the ancient temple in the nearby forest and leave it in its proper place.”

It doesn’t quite feel like roleplaying. Indiana told Animal New York that they are working on “bringing more decision-making, dice rolls, and player discussions into the whole thing.”

So far, D&D yoga has only happened once in Brooklyn, but Indiana is happy to facilitate the theme at other locations.

See how Dungeons and Dragons yoga works after the break…

(via Geekosystem)


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