Unexpected Last of Us Plushie Gifted To Game Developers Is Awesome


Warning: spoilers ahead.

When considering the game The Last of Us, you probably don’t think of cute little stuffed animals first. Even if you’ve spotted a giraffe plushie while playing, you’re mind probably goes to all the scary monsters. But crafter Anna the Red wanted to make something that was easy to turn into plushie form as a gift for developers Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley. The giraffe was just the thing.

It appears in certain places in the game so she gathered screenshots and created a pattern. Many hours later, she had a little animal. The end result is adorable and snuggly. She took it to PAX Prime where the developers were appearing and presented it to them. As evidenced by photos of the reaction, they loved it.

See a screenshot of the giraffe, the plushie by itself and the plushie cuddling with Straley and Druckmann after the break.

last of us giraffe 1

last of us giraffe 2

last of us giraffe 4

last of us giraffe 5

(via Kotaku)


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