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Video Game Award Show in 2007

The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences is creating an awards show in 2007 in conjunction with Dick Clark Productions. Jules Haimovitz, vice chairman and managing partner of Dick Clark Productions says, “We’re creating a form of video that heretofore hasn’t existed, so it would be like trying to describe a music video to somebody in 1968. It will be entertaining even to those outside the game crowd.” Not sure exactly what he means by that.

It is about time there is more recognition of the technical and artistic skills that go into making a top flight game. They rightly point out that the target audience is probably larger than many might imagine, they estimate the demographic would draw viewers 12-49. I am not exactly sure what compelling video game show they are going to put on though. Scheduled to debut in 2007, I wll hold my pessimism about the viability of the concept until after they actually have something to talk about. Right now it is just a general feeling that it would be a drawn out affair that would not capture the essence of the gaming market. I hope they prove me wrong.

Source: Reuters

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