Video Game Virtual Property Sells For a Record $335,000

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Real real estate may not be in a seller’s market right now, but the fake real estate biz is booming.

Take Jon Jacobs here aka “Neverdie” in the MMORPG Entropia Universe. He has just broken the record for the largest ever virtual property transaction—raking in $350K for selling land that doesn’t exist on an asteroid that doesn’t exist to a guy that is probably insane.

Entropia Universe allows users to convert real world finances to a virtual currency, offering a fixed exchange rate for users who choose to cash-out and convert their virtual currency back. Entropia’s in-game properties, therefore, have a real cash value.

Jacobs, who goes by the in-game name of Neverdie, has made a number of high-profile transactions over the past few years, from the $25,000 sale of his in-game items, to his purchase of a virtual asteroid for $100,000. The purchase of the asteroid, in 2005, was believed to be the most expensive virtual item sale in history. That record was broken by the 2009 sale of the Crystal Palace Space Station for $330,000.

The recent sale, confirmed by Jacobs to the fansite, amounts to a value of $335,000. Jacobs sold a number of bio domes, a mall, stadium and a club to Kalun.

Sigh, another guy that looks like “The Situation” is making a lot of money for no reason at all.

(Entropia Universe via Forbes and Edge)


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