Vote To Help Make This LEGO Zelda Set a Reality

Zelda Lego 1

If any game needs to be represented in the Lego line of merchandise, it’s Legend of Zelda. Maybe we’ll get it officially produced one day, but until then persistent designers will keep putting projects up on Cuusoo for voting. Wes Talbott is putting this Iron Knuckle Encounter set to the test.

He wanted to keep the set simple enough so that high production cost wouldn’t make it unappealing. He did include a custom Iron Knuckle, Link, rupees, pots, a treasure chest and a cool background that has breakable pillars to go with it. I could definitely see something like this on the toy store shelf.

If you dig it, go vote for it on Cuusoo!

See a couple more pictures after the break.

Zelda Lego 2

Zelda Lego 3

(It Lego via Gamefreaks)


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