Warehouse 13: The Board Game Is Coming

Warehouse 13 is coming back in board game form thanks to a collaboration between Infinite Dreams Gaming and Conquest Gaming! After four years of development, Warehouse 13: The Board Game will be launching on Kickstarter sometime before the end of June. I miss the show terribly, but this is probably the next best thing. Check out the gameplay details below.

Warehouse 13: The Board Game can be played by three to five players in about two hours. Each game of Warehouse 13: The Board Game is considered a Season, played over a series of Episodes. Each Episode will involve the investigation and retrieval of one artifact. Warehouse Agents must investigate clues, then use those clues to retrieve the artifact. However, one player is the Traitor, who secretly works for the Adversary. For every artifact that is lost, the Adversary becomes more powerful and thereby more difficult to defeat.

Each Episode begins with the Ping Phase, in which the artifact’s location is revealed and clue dice are rolled. Clues are represented by 13 custom six-sided dice.

After the Ping Phase, the Investigation Phase begins. During the Adversary turn, the Adversary will act. Afterwards, each Agent may perform an Action, such as drawing Traits, playing a Trait, performing Warehouse Maintenance, or traveling to the Field. Next, each Agent must attempt to claim a clue die. If an Agent cannot claim a clue die, one must be neutralized, removing it from play for the remainder of that Episode. Finally, each Agent may draw a free Trait.

The Investigation Phase repeats until all of the clue dice are either claimed or neutralized, then the Retrieval Phase begins. Each artifact displays symbols that correspond to the symbols on the clue dice. During each round of the Retrieval Phase, the players secretly roll all of their clue dice and each player chooses one to apply to the artifact. The chosen dice are revealed simultaneously. The Adversary will intervene by rolling Goo dice which can neutralize clue dice. If enough clues are applied to match the artifact’s symbols, the artifact is retrieved. If the Agents run out of clue dice before rolling enough symbols, the artifact is lost to the Adversary.

Play then continues to the next Episode. After three artifacts are retrieved, the Warehouse Agents win. However, if three artifacts are lost, the Finale begins, in which the Agents have one last chance to thwart the Adversary’s grand scheme.

At the beginning of the game, the Traitor is hidden. The Traitor can impact the game by failing to assist the Warehouse Agents, by failing to claim clues, or by failing to apply clues properly. If the Agents believe they have determined who the Traitor is, they can vote to Bronze that player, which reveals their Loyalty.

The developers recently played a prototype version of the game with Pete Lattimer himself, Eddie McClintock!

You can read more about that special Warehouse 13 gaming session on Geek & Sundry. Keep tabs on the Infinite Dreams Twitter page for more details about the game release.


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