Watch This Guy Complete Fallout: New Vegas Without Healing [Video]


If you’ve ever played Fallout: New Vegas, then you know that the game’s hardcore mode is pretty darn brutal. Well, YouTuber Many A True Nerd took it upon himself recently to not only beat the game on hardcore mode, but to also complete the game without healing, sleeping or recovering from radiation. Furthermore, he didn’t want to use any items that buffed out his health, and he didn’t want any help from companions.

Many A True Nerd started this challenge last September. After five months, he’s finally done, and his YouTube videos highlight how he did it with only a single health bar.

He notes that he took on this “You Only Live Once” Fallout challenge because he wanted a challenging fresh take on the game:

“I felt like any playthrough wouldn’t be hugely challenging for me…I know this game so well, I know all the exploits and how to manipulate it quite well…I wanted to do something that would completely change the way I had to play this game…I felt that ultimately, the complete removal of healing from the game, having every single bullet that hits me be a permanent mark against me, I felt like that was the way to do it.”

Check out his videos after the break…

(via Kotaku)


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