What Do Iron Man 3, Breaking Bad, And The Avengers Have In Common? LEGO [Video]

Lego Superheroes

As long as the world keeps spinning, people will keep doing awesome things with Lego bricks. Those little toys go a long way; heck, Lego is a subculture. That’s proven by the insane amount of builds and videos that hit the internet in a day. We’ve got three worthwhile videos full of the toys to share with you.

First, there’s a sneak peek at the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game. It’s short but it looks freaking fantastic. Staying in the Marvel universe, the next video is a fan made stop motion Lego version of an Iron Man 3 trailer. Tony Stark is badass even as a blocky minifig. Finally, for something completely different, a fan has imagined Breaking Bad as a Lego video game. The sets might be the best part.

Check out all the Lego goodness after the break.

(Lego Marvel Super Heroes via Gamefreaks, Iron Man 3 via LS, Breaking Bad via Gamefreaks)


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