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Wii Classics for Under $10

In what I would consider a smart marketing move, Nintendo calssic games for the Wii will be sold for under $10. Word is that they will go for $4.50 to $8.99. Anyone who enjoys the older Nintendo games but is somewhat skeptical of the games available for the new console at launch will know that there is already a large library of games they know and enjoy that can be played. That should give the fence sitters less reason to hold off on the purchase of the new console.

So, beyond speculation that the Wii will be the cheapest console around, it will also have a lot of games that can be played at launch. That will give them a big leg up on Microsoft who has been very slow in getting old Xbox games to play on the 360. And with the price for the PS3, you could have a whole library of games along with the Wii console.

Of course, Nintendo has always been about games that are just fun to play, and not so much on the cutting edge of technology and physics action that the PS3 and 360 have been trading on with titles such as Gears of War. They don’t even pretend to be there. But launching with a huge library at the lowest cost will most likely garner them some additional market share, most likely at Sony’s expense.

Ars Technica

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