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WOW Addresses Gay Rights Issue

After being taken to task by gay rights groups and users of their extremely popular “World of Warcraft” users, Blizzard Entertainment has made some changes to appease those groups.

This all came about because they thereatened a user with expulsion because she was attempting to recruit users to her group, mentioning that it was gay friendly. Theit initial claim that this was done as a defense against harassment very well may be a true statement. It is also a worthy goal. However, to ban all talk of sexuality in a game such as WOW is a rather draconian measure to take.

Blizzard now says that the warning was a mistake. They have added a chat channel specifically for recruitment and also pulled the usual CYA move to provide sensitivity training to the channel monitors. In the end, this is probably good for all concerned. Blizzard never did anything that should be deemed homophobic, and I don’t think anyone doubts their intentions about trying to help players avoid harassment. Maybe they went about it in a bad way, but I think everyone has learned a little lesson here and the original complainant got what she was looking for, the ability to recruit players into a gay friendly guild.

Posted by Jeff


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